29 Jan 2007

A short visit to Guan-Yin temples

Yesterday I took a short trip with my sister to Da Kan Shan(大岡山,高雄縣阿蓮鄉)in Kaohsiung. Our purpose was to visit Chao Fong Temple(超峰寺)dating back to 1773. Being buddhists believing in the teaching of Guan-Yin, we wanted to see this 300 years old Guan-Yin statue from China.

There were a lot of people in this tiny temple. We prayed to Guan-Yin sincerely, and I got a poem that says I will have a good year in 2007. I am very happy then.

Later we explored the temple a bit and found some interesting things. A small shrine is set on the left side of the main door, and inside it we found a popular mentra. As a temple goer, this is the first time I see a shrine set in such a strange way.

The board hung on the ceiling is the only hard evidence left telling visitors the history of this temple, and it says the divine power of Guan-Yin.

A cold Sunday afternoon! This is actually quite a nice place to walk around. It is quiet and full of spirituality. These three cute little gods set on the top of the roof represent good furtune, good wealth and good health. They look at us and protect us from above.

After spending some time there, we decided to visit the new Cho Fong Temple(新超峰寺), which was built in the 1930s. During that period of time, Taiwan was occupied by Japanese, and they forced all monks and nuns to leave the mountain because of the military base they set up there.

Finally we saw the famous old Guan-Yin statue there. This statue is more than 300 years old. It came from Mount Pu Tuo(普陀山)in Zhe Jiang, China(中國浙江省). She is graceful, and you feel peaceful while looking at her. I am not sure of the material of this satute, but it looks like white marble. I heard there is another old statue that shows Guan-Yin with thousand hands and eyes, but unfortunately it was stolen couple years ago.

In fact, I like this new temple more than the old one. It is so quiet, which is ideal for buddhist studies.

The monks there are good in raising orchids. I love flowers, and I am so surprised to see these blossoming orchids in such a cold winter afternoon. They compliment this beautifully carved stone lion. Their beauty and existence remind me the world of buddhas described in the buddhist scripture. In buddha's world, flowers are always blossoming. Their scent is the air, their petals are the rain, and their beauty is the teaching of Buddha.

Finally, it was time to go home. I just love this setting sun. Such a good ending of my short trip to Guan-Yin temples.

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