2 Feb 2007

A Big Problem: shop for birthday gifts!

Ah, ah, ah ... My friend is having her birthday party tonight, and I haven't got her the gift yet!!!

It has been four days since I got her message inviting me to the party tonight. What should I buy? ... Really, I have been thinking what to get for her birthday, but I just could not think of a perfect gift.

I am this kind of person who is in fact a bit perfectionistic. In my opinion, a gift should reflect the receiver's style and personality, and at the same time it expresses the sender's taste. You cannot just go to the shop and buy whatever you see there. Always need to be careful when shop for gifts, especially gifts for "female friends"! So, I must be careful, or I will lose my reputation of being highly cultured and stylish. I really don't enjoy this kind of shopping.

I got a list and try to figure out which item would suit her best. However, I just don't think any of these items is her style. I guess I get so confused because we don't see each other that often. To be honest, I don't really know her that well, but we are good friends. I know this sounds ridiculous. Other than that, she is never feminine in my eyes. This is actually a compliment! She has a good personality and a big heart. I believe this is the main reason that I am not sure what to buy for her.

I have decided to check out IKEA this afternoon. She just moved to a new apartment, and I think a nice household object would be a good gift.

Still ... not quite sure if I could find a good one there that matches her personality well. I must hurry! Time is ticking away ...

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