25 Sep 2012

Reconsidering Chinese Aesthetics

I have been fascinated by my friend's artwork Monkey Queen (2010), and this fascination leads to me produce this article that reexamines the meaning and function of classical Chinese aesthetics. Created by Bridget O'Leary, an Australian Artist living in Taiwan, this painting is based on the famous image of the Monkey King in Journey to the West. Other than that intention to confirm the effectiveness of Classical aesthetics in the artistic practice nowadays, I have also explored the possible connection between Chinese aesthetics and the contemporary discourses on art and culture. By looking at the concept of hybridity in the artistic practice in globalization, how the artist shows the potential manifestations of the diaspora is also elaborated. This article is now published on the August issue of Modern Art Asia. I do appreciate the journal and the editor for reviewing and publishing my article, but I have to mention that the journal was negligent in the format and accidentally placed a long quotation in the following paragraph. This is a lapse, and it should not affect the readers. If you are interested, click on the link below to read my article:

The article in pdf format is free for download as well. 

I welcome constructive feedback from the readers for it is the best way for me to improve myself in both writing and theoretical reasoning.