8 Jan 2007

Can we use money to keep a relationship?

The following condition could be a real political issue, a lifestyle a person keeps in his daily life, or simply a story.

Nick is Ted's firend whom he cares a lot about, and he helps him purchase a house. Nick's another friend, Chad, has a very strong personality and is not happy with Ted, especailly after he helps Nick buy the house. Chad always tells Nick to cease his friendship with Ted. Nick does not do so because Ted always provides him good money when he needs it. One day, Nick invites all his friends to celebrate his newly purchased hourse. Of course, both Chad and Ted are invited. However, under the great pressure from Chad, Nick announced that the party will go on, but it will not be for the celebration of the house. He will not move into that house, either. Sadly, every guest knows that Ted pays for that house!

Due to the long distance to Nick's place, Ted has to stop at Alex's place for a night. But recently they just had a quarrel about Chad. Ted keeps irritating Chad for his supervisual satisfaction of his personal feelings. Moreover, Ted insisted that he deserves better attitude and service from Alex. He did not like what Alex had prepared. In consequence, He fooled Alex the last time he went traveling. Ted did not show up when Alex had prepared well for his coming. In fact, Ted thinks going somewhere else to rest can help him make more friends. However, he failed making new friends, and he almost lost Alex. Indeed, Alex is angry, and it takes a long time to mend the friendship. Alex still accepts Ted's request to stay at his place this time.

Should Ted go to that party just to keep this fragile friendship, which is established on money only? Will Ted do something new again that will bring his friendship with Alex to another crisis?

The second question is easy to answer because Ted is taking his trip to join the party tonight. We shall see if Ted is doing something bizarre and stupid very soon. As for his firendship with Nick, it is such a complex relationship. I can only say that every relationship established on money is a fragile one that any minor problem could easily break it. However, friends are important. We cannot live without friends. What needs to be examined here is the problem of trying to keep a friend by using the power of money. Indeed, money talks, but the result of this kind of relationship only benefits the receiver not the provider. The receiver can always switch to another money provider when the old one is losing his financial power or when the new one, like Chad, is financially more powerful. What is the point of keeping a firend who sucks you dry when you are already physically ill.

This is the problem, a serious one that needs to be fixed immediately. Keep it as it is now will only deteriorate both Ted's mental and physical states. To the end, Ted will not only lose Nick but also lose his mental and physical power.

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