25 Mar 2007

What JASPER type are you?

I just did JASPER test on Monster.com that analyzes a person's unique strengths and potential in professional performance. My result says that I am an "Achiever", and frankly speaking, the result of this test truly reflects my professional abilities. This test is like an educational programme that guides you to explore yourself and to know yourself more in detail. The brief description of my result is as follows:

What you want out of work:
To have your hard work lead to a sense of achievement, prestige, and financial reward.

Your colleagues think of you as:
Motivated, fueled by a desire to be successful, and driven to reach your goals.

What you have to offer:
Unparalleled passion and commitment, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve success.

Leadership Style: Your leadership style can be characterized as Empowering. You are encouraging and motivating, which likely means that you help others reach their goals and dreams. People probably see you as a good mentor due to your patience and talent for giving direction.

Work Personality: You are more Spontaneous than Deliberate when it comes to your work personality. You are comfortable pushing the envelope and suggesting new ways of doing things. Your spontaneity and ability to break out of the mold can also help others think outside the box.

Universal Skills: With multi-tasking as your strongest universal skill, you are likely effective in managing multiple things at once and are talented in producing work quickly. You are sharp, tend to be a quick learner, and don't get daunted in the face of stress.

Work Style: You show strength in your ability to be a Collaborative worker. While you're not at a loss when working by yourself, you feel much more productive when you can work with a team and bounce ideas off of other people. You also likely enjoy the camaraderie of group work.

According to this report, I am very qualified for my desired jobs, but why I can't find one. I do have good background and abilities. I could only say that good abilites and strengths are just not enough for job hunting. My experience tells me that only good luck and good connections can make dreams come true.

True that I am still hunting for my desired jobs (and it has been too long), but this doesn't mean that I dislike my current job. I just feel that I can do better than now. Some people think of me as already been successful, but in my opinion, the true success will only come after I start to do what I want to do. Then I can truly be an "Achiever".

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