20 Mar 2007

Translation work gives you terrible backache

Translation has killed most of my brain cells. I guess I need a holiday again. Being able to speak and write English doensn't naturally qualify you for translation works. By the way, it doesn't make money, either, and it is highly time-consuming. It is bad for your health as well.

I have been very busy with two translation works lately, and both have such urgent deadline. Both documents are so difficult to translate due to the nature of the document. The problem is not that I don't understand the meaning of the text. I found it really difficult to turn these English sentences into good Chinese ones.

Trying to give Chinese sentences that exactly match the meanign of the English ones is just so hard. I start to feel that my Chinese proficiency is just too bad. I believe that is the reason that I am having such difficulties in translation. I realy need to work on my Chinese now. But this is ridiculous becuase I am a Chinese! It is such a shame that I totally have no problem understanding these English words but simply cannot generate them in Chinese.

After four days of hard working, now I finally have them done. And all I have now is sore eyes and backache.

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