23 Mar 2007

Greece, Hellas! I am coming in June

I am visiting my dear Greek friends this summer, and I am so excited about this trip. I started looking for flights that match my schedule with reasonable price in early March. To my surprise, my travel agent told me that most flights from Asia to Europe seemed fully booked, and I could only wait for possible seats released from the airliners. They also told me that if I travel a week earlier, then there are plenty of seats for me. The price will be cheaper as well. How sad that I just cannot leave even a day earlier! So I could only wait for the airliner's response.

Luckily, my agent told me this morning that my booking with Thai Airways International had been confirmed, and I must buy the ticket within 48 hours, otherwise they would cancel the booking. Though I am still expecting my booking with Singapore Airlines to be confirmed, it seems wiser to accept the deal with Thai. I really want to fly Singapore Air because of its top class service and of course its inflight entertainment. But my agent told me that it is almost impossible to get the seats from Singapore Airlines now, and their price will be very expensive. So I guess I must fly with Thai Air now. Honestly speaking, their price is damn attractive, and I still can accumulate the mileage with my Krisflyer account. I believe I can survive a 10 hour flight without personal TV.

I don't understand why all flights to Athens are fully booked. I guess there must be something going on during the summer. The only big event I know is Hellenic Festival that goes on for two months in Athens in summer. Is everyone going there for this festival? I heard that the festival encountered certain problems this year, and I think that is the reason why their website is still under construction. It is March now. There is still no information of the performances in English on their website. I hope they can sort out problems as soon as possible, and I also hope that the problem they encountered won't affect the Akram Khan performance I am going to see.

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