5 Mar 2007

The Art Show: robotshavehearts

I was invited to a friend's art show last Saturday. This art show is presented at Dogpig Arts Cafe (豆皮文藝咖啡館) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It is quite a fun place, and it is indeed quite a famous place for "arts goers" in southern Taiwan. Sounds Artsy-Fartsy, I know!

This friend of mine is a graphic designer, and her latest creation is full of humour. Most works look cute, and they truly remind us our childhood drawings. In the meantime, I feel that some of the creation concern deeply on the female bodies and eroticism. There are in fact two directions in this series of work. One is on the childish innocence, while the other is on how we perceive our own bodies and our lived world. She named the series of works "robots have hearts". I guess this statement is an announcement that wants to tell its viewers that we are living beings with hearts. We should feel and experience our world with our hearts. Stop living like a robot, stop looking at things with pretentious eyes! Why is it? Because our gained knowledge and all our moral beliefs have transformed us into robots! Fine, we are robots ... but at least, we should be robots with hearts.

I took a picture of my friend, and to be honest, she truly looked hot that night. That look she had that was perfect for the show. More than that, that pair of red heels she wore was the key that makes her look 10 out of 10! I wish that we could have more artsy-fartsy things happening here in Kaohsiung. Isn't it a good chance for all of us to dress nicely, to check out people, to be checked out, and of course, to be involved in "the Arts".

In fact, the camera installed in Nokia E50 functions pretty well. (These pix are taken with my Nokia E50) Though the pictures here are a bit blurry, I guess it is because of my shaky hands, not the problem of the camera.

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