16 Nov 2006

My New Gadget: Nokia E50

I finally got a new mobile, Nokia E50, a fancy looking multifunctional one. It feels so good to use Nokia again. Have a look of the product information of Nokia E50.

This mobile has multiple functions and is very good looking, and I think its target customers are on those extremely busy businessmen like those you see on Wall Street or in the city of London. It is not a simple mobile you use to call, text or surf the Net. It is designed to be a mobile office on which you could deal with almost all your tasks. I feel this mobile is more like a PDA or a small laptop than a mobile phone.

I am definitely not a businessman. Actually there is no reason for me to buy such a fancy mobile. I got it because I had a very good discount from my contract with the phone company, which made the price of it very attractive. More than that, I think we should always treat ourselves well. Since my B-day is coming, this mobile would be a good birthday present for myself.

My last mobile was a disaster. I got it right after I came back to Taiwan from London. I was almost broke then, so the only option I could go for was the free phone offered by the phone company. I am not saying that mobiles of Sony Ericsson are badly designed and produced. My last SE mobile just could not function normally, especially the battery charging. It caused me quite a big problem, and I just could not put up with it anymore. I firmly believe that free stuff is never good stuff. I would rather spend more money on something I am confident with. Anyways, I am giving myself this indulgence to play with the latest electronic gadget.

After my exploration of this new mobile, I have realised that it really performs well and all its functions are applicable to me, even I am not a 'businessman'. I work in education, and I have lots of stuff to deal with. All my tasks and stuff to do are stored in my laptop, memo and my brain. How sad that I am getting old that means I cannot count on my brain anymore. Thanks to the multiple functions of E50, all things to do or remember can be stored immediately and be transferred to my laptop or memo without losing any important information. Honestly speaking, I am an old-fashioned person still keeping the habit of using memo. If once the electronic gadget crashed, at least I got my memo to cope with my work.

This new gadget assists me well in my day to day schedule and tasks. However, I cannot understand why Nokia only allows its mobiles to be compatible with Windows only. I am a Mac user, and this mobile cannot comminucate with my ibook. In order to update files and info on my laptop, I must use another PC for file transfer. Quite a downfall to this well-functioned mobile.

In conclusion, what I want to say is:
I learned my lesson that free and cheap stuff are not reliable. I am happy with my new mobile, and I decide to be good to myself forever.


  1. you can use the isync-plugin for full nokia E50 compatibility. http://www.mactomster.de/archives/40 have fun. simon

  2. Anonymous10:00 pm

    Head over to Mactomster.de, and grab the isync plugin for the e-series devices. Works like a champ. Bluetooth file transfer also works very well.

  3. Anonymous8:06 am

    Have you tried the last update of Mac OS X? Apparently adds support for new phones (the E50 isn't included on the list), have you tried to sync it after Apple's update?

  4. Anonymous12:07 am

    go this link to download new plugin

  5. Hi! I just dropped here, i dont know if you already succeed syncing e50 with your mac. I guess so, since months passed since the post. Anyways, i synced e50 with my mac, following this tutorial: