4 Nov 2006

Justice comes, and we start to see the hope!

What a breaking news! The prosecutors addressed to the public of Taiwan yesterday their final report of both the president and the first lady's corruption. In this report, the first lady is indicted for corruption and faking documents, along with three other presidential aides being charged for faking documents. As for the liar, Chen, the corrupted president, he is protected by the consititution against these charges. This is the first time in the history of Taiwan. The Anti-Chen group has started their protest again right after the news was released.

I truly admire the prosecutor Mr. Chen for his courage and endeavour to find out the truth. It took him about four months to check the usage of each single receipt that is reported in the secret presidential fund. This secret fund is set up to enhance Taiwan's diplomatic works overseas. From the news, we saw how the money of this secret fund was used. Some of them were used in purchasing luxuary goods like clothes, jewellery, and watches, some in baby stuff, some in books, and some in funitures. This really sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? How could these purchases help and enhance Taiwan's diplomatic relations? It is obviously a fraud the first lady intended to commit. The most horrible is the president Chen did not try to stop this wrongful action but helped his wife lie to the public. He made a huge lie that part of the fund is used for a top-secret diplomatc work. Lies don't last, and once you lie, you must tell another lie to cover the old ones. This is a snowball effect that more lies involve more people, and when one of them recognizes the danger of it and decides to quit the game, the snowball bursts. So many lies meaning both the president and the first lady are truly guilty.

The Anti-Chen group now protests again, and the Nationalist party will start the third recall of Chen's presidency next Monday. I wonder if this recall will be successful, and I also speculate about Chen's intention to resign. It seems he has already known something is gonna happen because his son flew to the U.S.A. in the end of last month. Though his family said he was leaving for study, this action in fact feels more like fleeing. Both his daughter and son are more or less involved in this fraud. Though they are not charged, this incident has darkened their furture and makes it tough to live. Finally, we see justice and the hope to recall this corrupted liar. He can always deny any wrongdoing, but the evidence speaks for itself. Thanks to the power democracy gives to the society of Taiwan.

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