28 Nov 2006

Is it necessary? : penis enlargement

Yesterday when I was paging through a magazine, I saw a series of horrible pictures about penis enlargement. They really show you bloody pictures of how to enlarge your dick. I was in shock, and I start to feel the pain! Why on earth would people do such a thing?

Does size really matter? I guess it does for some guys. According to that report, after the operation, you can actually get your dick thicker by 50% at least. One guy who was interviewed said he is very happy about the result, and he isn't ashamed of his small dick anymore.

Just by looking at these pictures already makes me feel the pain. It must be extremely painful. I just can't imagine having someone holding a knife and cutting my dick. Moreover, it takes at least a month to recover. Imagine this, what if you get an erection when the open wound is not yet closed.

Though sometimes I agree that bigger could be better, I don't think size is really that important. It is the skill and the performance of the tool that I care about. A thick 9 inch tool definitely looks great and is such a proud thing to show off. But not knowing how to use it well only makes that tool such a big joke. From my experience, guys with big dicks sometimes just don't know how to please their partners. So, from a receiver's point of view, a big dick might be a disaster!

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