11 Jul 2007

So the plane is still old, and it is so cramped

I am very sure that I will fly Singapore Airlines next time! I thought I would be lucky to fly those retrofitted Thai 773, but I was so wrong and got quite upset when I walked in the cabin. It's an old plane without any personal TVs, and the space in the cabin is ridiculous. It was such an uncomfortable journey, especially for the overnight flight that lasts 10 hours long.

The most depressing thing was that they didn't give you any travel kit, and you had to ask for it. After I got that so-called travel kit, I couldn't help myself but laughing. It is a tooth brush with a tiny tooth paste. That was it. I personally think that this is a disgrace. The in-flight entertainment was sad and boring, and it was so difficult to watch movies. I just gave up. Only the food was acceptable. However, I got sick after the second meal was served and completely lost my appetite. I was in fact in a nightmare for this 10 hours flight to Athens. There is only one good thing, that is, the flight attendants. They are always smiling and responsive. For a flight that was so full, they truly did a good job.

By the way, new Bangkok International Airport is also a nightmare. It took me at least one hour to go through the baggage check. For Christ's sake, I was only transferring there! It felt like a Thai local market filled with annoyed travelers. Why couldn't they just make it easier, like the airport in Hong Kong or in Singapore? There is totally no efficiency at all. I guess I prefer the old Bangkok Airport.

No more Thai Airways from now on. I am coming to Greece next summer, and I definitely will choose Singapore Airlines. Gosh, I am so terrified now because I have this return leg with Thai again. I can only hope that it will be "Smooth as Silk"!

Whoever wants to fly with Thai due to its highly attractive airfare should be cautious. "What you get is what you pay". If you don't wanna suffer yourself in a overnight flight, DO NOT fly Thai.

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