24 Jul 2007

So in love with Greece, with random pictures

Island, the Aegean Sea
Apollo Temple
Kea, remote beach
Summer House
Poseidon Temple
Big sunset
Ionian Sea
Gulf of Corinth
Gulf of Corinth
Skalosia Beach
Skalosia, sunset
Friends, sunset
Oranges in the Archaeological Museum
Zeus or Poseidon? Archaeological Museum
Acropolis Museum
Erechtheum, Acropolis
Mount Lycavittos, Athens
Kranidi, Peloponnisos
Palea Fokia, Attika
The painting I made as a wedding gift for my dear friend

Finally, my summer holiday to Greece is over. Though I am back to work now, subconsciously I am still following the Greek time. Indeed, my mind and my soul are left in Greece; all I have here is only my empty body that tries so hard to cope with this busy but boring lifestyle.

Greece is so beautiful! Its beauty is hard to describe in words. This beauty is not just the breathtaking scenery; it is a combination of the scenery, the food, the hospitality of Greeks, and their fabulous casual lifestyle. When all these elements come to you as a whole, you really feel like you are in fact standing on the land of all gods. Indeed, Greece is the land where all gods plan their tricks on human beings. It is a place that is filled with history, culture and tradition. This only gives extra flavour to this land and makes it even more charming.

Greeks are beautiful people. They have honey skin, tall figures and amazingly pretty faces. Is it because they are the descendants of all gods? It is so true that most men there have this Apollonian body and face, and most women share the figure of Aphrodite. More than that, their lifestyle indeed reminds us the god of wine, Dionysus. It is so amazing that what we read from the Greek Mythology is vividly portrayed right in front of our eyes. Or I should say that it is ancient Greeks who implanted their true personalities in these imaginary gods.

I am very lucky to have my special Greek friends, and through my dear friend I make more new friends there. These lovely people wholeheartedly welcomed me to stay at their beautiful summer houses. They have given me a very unique travel experience, which means that I had been living like Greeks in Greece when I was there. I love it so much that I am seriously thinking of my retirement in Greece in the future!

The food there tastes divine, especially feta cheese and Greek sweets. How sad that I was not able to take those delicious cheese home. I like the way Greeks have their meal. They don't have dinner till late at night, and it takes as long as you like to finish dinner. For a slow eater who has late dinner like me, it is perfect. I found their food very healthy. Extra virgin olive oil and lemons are the must, and you always conclude your dinner with amazingly tasteful sweets. Good selections of sweets there, but my favourite is always Kadaifi, which I called the hairy stuff. I guess I like it because it is so hairy, like most Greek guys.

Some may say that Kadaifi is Turkish. Whatever its origin is, they can be bought everywhere in Greece. Food is a medium that helps erase the difference when two different cultures meet. It mingles two different cultures. Through the communication of how food is made, people perfect their skills and produce even tasteful food. Kadaifi is a perfect example! Even though both Greeks and Turks are still somehow quite against each other, both parts share the same food, and all these dishes are just amazing. This is only my opinion, and I am not trying to say that Greeks and Turks share the same quality. I have learned my lesson, that is, never try to raise the topic of Greeks vs. Turks and the Ottoman Empire. It can go on for ages, and you will be bombarded with complaints for sure!

I envy how Greeks live their everyday life. They go to work, but after 4 or 5 pm they will go to the beach for a swim. They are so lucky to have Apollo Coast that goes from Pireas all the way down to Cape Sounio, which is about 80km. Along this highly developed route, you find all kinds of beaches where you can go for a swim, for snorkeling, or just for sunbathing. When the sun goes down, which is about 8 to 9 pm, everyone leaves the beach for dinner and clubbing. No wonder Greeks have great figures and are nicely tanned! If I have lived there, I would have done the same as well! Will you be tired after all these activities? The answer is no because during the weekend time, everyone will be heading to their summer houses for a nice sleep and of course, again, a nice swim and sunbath. This is such a wonderful lifestyle. I really love the summer time there!

What a country with those cute and fun people. I am very excited about my Greece trip next summer. My dear friend has invited me and we are planning to go to the islands. I did not go to any big and famous islands because the price has gone ridiculous. It would cost me 150 Euros just for the boat fair. My friend said that I should do islands next year. Indeed, the price is way lower if you book them ahead. Everything goes expensive in the summer. I hope that I can stay longer next year because Greece has so much to offer, like the slogan goes "Five senses to explore; one country to discover!"

I am now so in love with Greece.

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