14 May 2007

Such a Unique Political Phenomenon, only in Taiwan

We have a new prime minister "AGAIN". 6 prime ministers for 7 years. Almost one for a year. Actually, it's not 6 but 5 for 7 years because the latest one was also the second one. What a political miracle!

Whoever is highly interested in politics should consider living in Taiwan and joining the Democratic Progressive Party (民進黨). They are the ruling party of Taiwan, and they really offer good chances for their members. Taking this issue as an example. We should not blame them for doing so because that is how they reward their hard working members! Even you are not lucky enough to be appointed as the prime minister, you still have the chance to take other minor positions. As long as you are committed to the president, you have a bright future.

What a shame indeed. I hate to say so, but it is the truth. Taiwan has become "the hell". No one wants to invest in this land due to such a unstable political environment. Those who run the government are still indulging themselves in this stupid political game. They don't care about the poeple here but their own benefits. They don't care about the future development of the country but their personal interests. To them, all governmental positions are good channels to satisfy desires, and they truly do whatever they can to achieve it. How could we expect Taiwan to be rich and strong when the government is so corrupt? How could we trust such government when changing prime ministers is like changing clothes? I am hoping that we won't get any new prime ministers before the presidential election in 2008.

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