17 Apr 2007

Thai Airways 777-300, AVOD?

This huge bird will take me to Athens, Greece this June. I haven't flown Thai for ages. I can only recall their good seat pitch. Their old aircrafts have 34'' seat pitch in economy class.What a treat!

Some people say their food is good, but I think it depends on the flight. I still remember the horrible breakfast on the way to Kathmandu, Nepal. I don't understand why they serve green curry at 8 am.

Their service is indeed quite good, but almost all major Asian airliners provide excellent services. I guess it is the reason why Thai's cabin service could not impress me.

What terrifies me most is the lack of in-seat video on Thai. Though they have overhead TV on board, I don't want to have a sore neck when I arrive Athens. I have been checking info about Thai's T7, and I found that they just started the cabin retrofit programme for these aircrafts this year. Thai will retrofit all its 777-300 with new seats and personal entertainment system. I hope that I will be lucky to ride on the newly retrofitted T7.

I requested seat 32K. I wanted to reserve 31K, the first row of economy, but I was too late. I know the seat pitch on T7 won't be as big as Thai's old aircrafts, so I only hope that it will not be too crammed. My last T7 experience with BA was terrible. I believe the seat pitch in only 31".

Athens is really a popular destination. You can tell from the airline's booking. This explains why I cannot book my flights with Singapore Airlines. All sold out, and it was March. Honestly speaking, I prefer flying SQ because of their excellent service and entertainment system. If I had the chance, I would definitely go for it.

In fact I am hoping that Thai will use its new aircrafts to serve Bangkok - Athens route. They have upgraded their Zurich route with new A340-600. Why not upgrade Athens route? It is always fun to try new products. It is sad that when you have the chance to change aircrafts, you still get the same one, which is what I will get this time.


  1. Anonymous12:45 am

    So, any luck with getting a new plane on the flight? I am thinking about booking for September...thanks!

  2. Don't fly Thai, only if you are really tight with your budget. I have written about my trip with them, read it and you will know.