3 Jun 2013

Contemporary "crooked" art in Taiwan: my essay on a group of daring artists and their unique artworks

As the title said, this essay is not simply an introduction to artworks created by my daring friends, but a deeper reflection on the interrelationship among the artist, the spectator, and the contemporary sociocultural phenomena, and by means of such a reflection, I intend to not only highlight the power of art on our perception of the world as well as our individual existence, but also re-evaluate the established methods to the understanding of art. Hence, the content of my analysis and discussion in fact exceeds these selected "amateur" artists in the context of Taiwanese art scene, and instead it targets on certain problems on both the creation and appreciation of art, that is, the prevalent false assumption of the discourse of art. 

My essay
Minchih Sun, "Hybrid Art and Culture: Reflections on a 'crooked' art show in Taiwan," Modern Art Asia 14 (May, 2013),  http://modernartasia.com/category/issue-14/  (click here to download the full essay)

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