27 Nov 2009

Microsoft is the worst online service ever

I can understand Microsoft's strategy to compete with Google, but forcing hotmail users to use Bing is just rediculous and unreasonable.

Maybe I am making a wrong comment here. Hotmail might be down for maintenance problems. But I just cannot accept that whenever I try to access hotmail page I am automatically redirected to Bing. The worst is that I cannot even log in to my hotmail account. What happens after clicking the sign in tab is just the reloading of the Bing. What kind of online service is this? What if people do have urgent and important emails? They should publish news about the problems of their service instead of redirecting users to that useless Bing page without telling them what happened to hotmail.

Honestly speaking, I have never used Bing, and I am sure I won't use it. The reason is I am so used to and also pleased with Google. Bing cannot give anything that is more useful or fun than Google. If redirecting their clients to the Bing is really the strategy of Microsoft, I must say it is a lousy one. People won't use that service just because you force them to see it everyday. It is possible that such action might even provoke users' resentment towards Microsoft. I cannot understand why such a big and experienced company would adopt such lousy strategy. Maybe I should seriously consider giving up hotmail even though I have been using it for more than ten years. After all, gmail actually performs better than hotmail.

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