13 May 2008

The Secret - Thinking for the Positive and Be Sure of It

I have just read The Secret, edited by Rhonda Byrne. I found this book very encouraging, and reading it reinforces my belief in the inner power. I always believe in the power of thought and feelings. This belief derives from my contemplation on "I think, therefore I am" proposed by Rene Descartes. What The Secret elaborated is highly similar to Descartes' "Thinking Thing". Descartes believed that if a person wonders whether or not he/she exists in the world, this doubt is his/her thinking, which reaffirms his/her existence in the world.

As a thinking thing, we human beings are born with the ambition and power to manipulate material objects around us. Our intention is to conquer the nature. However, being a thinking thing also leads us to wonder if this ambition can be succeeded. Hence, we set up limits for ourselves, which are perfect for us to explain our failure in trying to achieve what we desire for. Because we are unsure whether or not God exists and we constantly encounter failure, we slowly conform ourselves to the rules set up by the church. Limits, rules, whatever forms they represent, are not bad because they help constrain us from doing something immoral and evil, but we have to admit it is them that stop us thinking and lead us to live a life that is the copy of others and full of negative perspectives. When we don't think anymore, we become nonexistent beings.

Through the positive conversations and statements, The Secret showed us what we human beings truly can do. This book told us we have the power for change. Our life is controlled by ourselves, and we all deserve a better and happier life. All we need do is to set up a goal and think about it. Never think about anything negative or destructive. Hold this happy feeling and deliver it to the universe. Slowly, we will have what we want come true. I guess the reason we can achieve our goal is because we are facing our life with a healthy and positive attitude. With this attitude we will not lose ourselves. Also, this attitude gives hope that pushes us to achieve our goal.

There is nothing magic and mythical in this book though what it talked about sounds like that. It is in fact about how we should use our mind and thought to make our life easier and happier. I like what it said, never worry about how this achievement would come, only concentrate on what you want and think that you have had it. It does give a wonderful feeling when you have that thought.

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