30 Nov 2007

Proud to have a gay son!

Not long ago I read an article that interviewed parents with gay children. I was deeply touched by these brave parents. I am also very happy for these gay children because they really have good parents who protect and support them.

Among all these parents, one mother impressed me greatly with her words. She is a very special person. In our religious belief, some people are considered as special ones because they can hear or see gods and goddesses who have chosen them as their representatives in this world. So they will act as a mediator between people and the divine power so as to help people lead a better life in this world. This mother is such a person. She claims she can hear Guan Yin(觀音), the bodhisattva of great mercy and compassion, the most well-known and worshiped deity for Chinese. When his only son confessed to her one day that he is only interested in men instead of women, she was so shocked and felt that her life started to crumble. This brave mom prayed to Guan Yin and asked if she had done something really bad that caused such a terrible thing to happen. Then one day, she heard Guan Yin talking to her.

Don't be scared and sad. The world is changing now, and everything is different now. If your boy is interested in men, then why don't you support him and protect him. If he can receive great happiness from being with another man, then why don't you be happy for him as well. Isn't seeing your boy being happy the most important thing for you? If you force him to be with a woman, he will not feel safe and comfortable, and this only causes problems that makes his life difficult and sad. Be a brave mother, support him and be happy for him!

She said she cried when Guan Yin told her this. But it is these words that changed her perspectives and gave her strength.

We don't know if this story is real, but what she tries to deliver is so positive and constructive. If the deity considers homosexuality as "just two human beings who feel and care for each other", why we try to make such a relationship a sin, a taboo? I am not concluding that the Buddhist deity totally promotes homosexuality. I am only saying that homosexuality is also about two human beings deciding to be with each other, just like heterosexuality.

We need to educate people, especially those who thinks homosexuality as a sin, that two men or two women being together are just as normal as a man with a woman. We need to educate the younger generations not to hate or tease gay people. I feel so sad when I hear kids making fun of the word "gay", and I always tell them the meaning of this word is "pleasure and cheerfulness". If we can have more parents to support their gay children, these young gays will not need to go through difficult times when facing their sexuality. If we can education our young generations to look at this topic without prejudice, definitely we can eliminate hatred towards gay people.

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