3 Sep 2007

Can't sleep? Don't worry, we offer sleeping pills!

Due to the protest about the noise from the residents around the New Bangkok Airport, the airport authority decided to offer these people earplugs and sleeping pills. Wait a minute, shouldn't sleeping pills be prescribed by doctors? The solution from the airport authority seems pretty naive and irresponsible. This is the most ridiculous news I have ever heard.

The news from the Bangkok Post: AoT gives sleeping pills as panacea

In fact, I have just visited this airport this July, and I am so disappointed in the service of the airport. It is just way too big without clear directions. It takes forever for transfer, and going through the security check point is such a pain in the ass. Moreover, It was so cold in that airport. The use of the air conditioning seems free there, and this is just so environmentally UN-friendly.

This airport should develop a proper plan to reduce the noise and air pollution caused by planes. They could have worked with private sectors or international groups to help the residents around the airport. Simply offering earplugs and sleeping pills is not only incorrect but irresponsible, and this may cause serious problems in the coming future. Long term studies on these pills show no encouraging results. It is even deadly for chronic use of these pills. (See The Dark Side of Sleeping Pills by Daniel Kripke, M.D., paper revised in Aug 2006) If the Airport keeps feeding the local residents sleeping pills, they definitely will pay more in the coming future.

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    Today is ethical poorly, isn't it?