8 Jun 2007

Lily, our new puppy!

Got a new puppy, Lily, a black female Taiwan dog. Isn't she just cute! She is only 3 weeks old now, still a baby, but she has already shown her temper and attitude. What can I say ... she is a Taurus, meaning she can be very stubborn. When she wants to play outside, she can whine as long as she can. That is quite embarrassing cause it sounds like we are abusing her.

It is really good to have a puppy again. We named this little girl Lily after our last pet. Old Lily was a Cocker Spaniel. She died of cancer at the age of 14 four years ago. The vet once said that foreign species rarely live this long here in Taiwan. So I guess we are lucky to have old Lily for so long. Hope old lily is now under the protection of Buddha.

I don't know much about Taiwan Dogs. I only know that they are rare now due to mixed breeding with other species and some Taiwanese' horrible habit to eat dogs, especially black ones. The original Taiwan Dogs should have short hair, a triangle face, bat-like ears, and a tail that looks like a crescent blade. When I look at my Lily, I found her having all those features, and moreover, she has jet black pads and claws. It is the kind of black that shines under the light. I am pretty sure she is from one of those original Taiwan Dogs.

Welcome this new member to the family. My parents are happy to have a new pet though they complained a lot about keeping a dog before. In fact they consider Lily their new daughter. Well, she is just adorable.

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  1. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Lily is really cute, in fact my dog is the same breed as yours! his name is Tino, after Valentino haha! he has same features like Lily! he's about three months old.