5 Dec 2006

Why would I care?

The son of the president of Taiwan is the most discussed person lately in Taiwan. Everyone wondered if he and his wife would come back to give brith to their first baby. The supporters of the current government urged them to come back because:

    the president of Taiwan should not have an American grandson.
The opponents said this couple should come back because:
  1. producing an American baby would secure their legitimacy to stay in the U.S, which is not what we want to see.
  2. their expense in the States is actually the dirty money his parents stole form the country, but no one can confirm this information
Eventually, they were forced to come back, very reluctantly.

I am trying so hard not to make any comments on this news; however, the whole issue is just so stupid and insane. Whether you agree or not, I mut say their coming back does not and will not change anything. This lousy government of Taiwan still functions like a lame old man, the dear president and his corrupt wife still claim shamelessly their innocence, and politicians are all still blind and busy protecting their own rights. Their coming back is extremely useless to the development of Taiwan. I only agree with the opponents' idea that they should come back for the first lady's prosecution. This is the speculation that the son of the president, though not prosecuted for the first lady's fraud, should have known and in whatever ways assisted and provided his mother the required receipts for obtaining the secret funds. If this is true, than he must be ready for the possible coming trial against his family and himself. I firmly believe that every member of that family is more or less involved in this fraud.

The ridiculous part of this issue is on the supporters' point. This is a very bizarre and immature attitude, and sad to say so that most of the people in southern Taiwan strongly agree with this attitude. They have been educated by those who claim themselves as "the real Taiwanese" that being a Taiwanese must recognize Taiwan and live for Taiwan only. Sure, I agree with the notion of "recognizing Taiwan", where I am from, and "contributing to the future of Taiwan". However, this does not mean that I only live for Taiwan or I must support their idea to bulid a new nation-state. The most ridiculous is that those, who are "the real Taiwanese", are usually living somewhere other than Taiwan, having foreign properties, having offspring who hold foreign passports, or themselves foreigners. When people are ignorant, they are very easily influenced by stupid but passionate laguages. These supporters always say that everything must be about Taiwan. If the president has an American grandson, then this fact would contradicts to their political standing. They will naturally lose their supporters. This is why they urged this couple to come back for the baby with such a naive statement. After all, these "real Taiwanese" are only using this case to protect their own political rights.

Why would I care if this president has an American grandson? Why can't he have one? This is a free country, and his son and daughter in law are free to make any decisions of where to have this baby. Even though they came back to have this baby, they still could immigrate to the U.S. if they really want to, especially after having such a big amount of money stolen from the country. They are rich people! If he commited to his mother's fraud, he would still have to come back for the tiral, as an American.

I only care if he is tury innocent of the fraud, which I believe he isn't.

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