6 Oct 2006

Chien-Ming Wang, you are really good

I am never a beaseball fan, but Wang's performance makes me wanna spend my time before the tele. Maybe it is because he is from Taiwan, and I feel the need to salute him for his always cool and focused performance. However, despite his attitude on the field, he has a special charm when he pitched that naturally attracts the audience's attention and even leads the whole team to perform their best. Is he a natural born pitcher? Undeniably yes, but I stronly believe the great success comes from his commitment and endeavour. What I appreciate him the most is his humbleness that brings him good fame in this competitive career. I love the Nike advertising slogan I read on the local newspaper that goes "Taiwan may not produce another Chien-Ming Wang, but great efforts can". This is very true, and we have seen it in Wang. Well done, Wang! I hope to see you wearing the MLB World Series Championship Ring on Oct. 29.


  1. Anonymous7:40 pm

    I am also from KHH.It has been a nice feeling to see some posts pertaining Wang.I had stayed in Vietnam for few years.No recreation here for a Taiwanese
    but the workload.

  2. He is good for sure, and he is getting ever better now! Sorry that you are having big workload. Vietnam is quite an interesting place to live, I guess... though haven't being there before!