6 Sep 2006

Twitching Eyelid - 左眼跳財,右眼跳災!

My right upper eyelid has been twitching a lot for almost a month. Should I have a medical check of my right eye? I think I must have overused my eyes. I gave myself this logical answer so as to be cool with this situation. But I also found that this twitching condition comes in a very regular pattern, and it is always the right upper eyelid. Let's put it in a superstitious way of speaking, it must mean something. I am not proposing that we should be superstitious. It is fun to have another approach towards an issue. You are free to believe it or not.

I recall the old Chinese saying about the twitching eyelids that goes as follows: 'the twitching of the left eyelid indicates the coming of good fortune; while the right one is a warning about the coming bad luck.' According to this saying, my right twitching eyelid is a sign of bad luck. Because of this warning, I have been very careful of everything recently. However, this saying is too general, so I searched the Internet for more information about twitching eyelids. I found that there is another way to explain twitching eyelids, and it is a more detailed one, which can be found in the book of Chinese lunar calendar. It explains the hidden meaning of each twitching eyelid in each time section. We used to have only 12 time sections for a day in the old Chinese society. For this way of reading, it provides a hidden meaning for each eye in a time section. As a result, there are in total 24 different meanings for twitching eyelids, some are good omens and others are bad ones.

In my case, after matching the twitching eyelid to the specific time section, I found the hidden meaning is in fact a good one. Frankly speaking, I am quite happy with this result, and I prefer this reading to the general old saying. For me, this positive meaning makes me happy and brings me hope to live for better. Happiness is crucial to all of us because it gives us strength to fact the struggle of life. Being happy also allows us to be able to develop a positive thinking. All human beings are born to hope. It is impossible to say 'I hope for nothing', which is still under the condition of 'hoping'. In other words, when a positive thinking is formulated, we naturally hope for positive achievements that follow with positive actions. But why are there so many negative ideas, images and actions in our society? Most of us have forgotten the importance of being positively happy and how to perceive happiness. Our education nowadays doesn't teach you what happiness is and how to obtain it. The worst is that it even stops teaching the young generations the importance of being a virtuous human being. Ethical principles are disappearing since no one ever cares to practice them. When ethical principles are gone and men lose their ability to perceive positive happiness, it is the time for negative ideas and images to rule.

Coming back to my first reaction towards the twitching eyelid, I would also say being cautious and careful is essential. I cannot just fully believe in the good omen and forget that I should be careful. I should always be careful of my own life, whether the omen says so or not. This is something ambiguous about happiness. When a person expands his happiness to a certain limit without being cautious of his surroundings, he is stepping into danger. He no longer acts as a positive being but an aggressive one who cares only about his needs and desires. Due to this person's egocentric action, his happiness is in fact established upon the struggle of other people. This is not the happiness I am talking about here. As I have mentioned, for achieving positive happiness, a person must develop a positive thinking. Feeling happy is essential to this psychological process, but it is not enough. We must always bear in mind the notion of ethical principles. Only when a person is truly aware of this that he could truly reach the positive happiness. Without this positive element, the result will be disastrous. It would lead a person to a devastating end. Being cautious, under this consideration, means to be very careful of whatever actions taken to achieve positive happiness. When a good omen is presented, the right action is to look at it and go for it with an ethical eye. If what is received is a bad omen, what has to be done is to avoid any negative ideas and look for what is positive.

We all deserve the right to be happy, and being happy is so crucial to a person's entire life. It allows us to see what is possible and leads us to achieve what we want. However, without having ethical principles as backup, happiness becomes the tools of the evil. It fosters our ego so well that we can never see ourselves falling into self-destruction. For some may say that a person's self-destruction could do nothing to all of us, but I would argue that we are all members of a society where a person's behaviour would affects the rest of us. In order to stop negative ideas and images spreading out, we must reintroduce the ethical principles to our society through education.

This is what I have perceived from my twitching eyelid, which is still twitching annoyingly now. I truly have no idea when it will stop. Whatever the result of this issue will be, at present I stick to the positive one with a cautious attitude towards my daily life. If the final outcome is as what the good omen says, I will bear in mind the ethical parts of the issue and receive freely the positive happiness. If not, life still goes on. Again, the deeper of meaning of this issue is nothing about superstition. It is mainly about facing our life with a healthy and positive attitude. I guess this is what our ancestors try to teach us. Why look at the dark side of life and feel sorrow for yourself? After all, we all deserve happiness!


  1. I read in a Hindu text that the right eye lid is good luck whilst the left signifies a bad omen

  2. Andrew7:50 am

    So what did you find in the lunar calendar text? Can you give brief description of each of the 24 "twich periods"? Thanks.

  3. Anonymous3:15 am

    Depends on who said whether it is the left or the right eyelid. If you said it yourself, then you are talking at your right eyelid, if someone tells you, the right eyelid will be your left eyelid.

    Anyway, I forgot which eyelid twitches when I had a very gruesome accident.

  4. Anonymous3:23 pm

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  5. Good info. but could u share with us whats the 24 twitch periods are?